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Let me guess...

You're sitting on your couch alone, in oversize clothes because all the medicine and stress has packed on the pounds. You haven't worked up the courage to tell anyone what you're walking through because just saying it out loud makes it feel real. And this can't be real, right?

You desperately want to erase all social media from your phone because you just might scream if you see another pregnancy announcement. I get it. When the heck is it going to be your turn? And why does everyone feel the need to shout their joy from the freaking rooftops? Ugh!

Maybe the exhilaration of starting to try for kids is quickly fading because you're sitting on the toilet month after month staring at a negative test. You want to know what's going on but you're also kinda scared to find out.

Or maybe you just got the call from your doctor that yet another round of treatment failed and you don't even know where to go from here.

Wherever you are in your journey, I want you to know your pain is real. Your feelings are valid. And this struggle just plain sucks. It's not fair. And it's so, so hard.

But, let me tell you.... there is so much hope ahead. Hang in there with me. Keep scrolling.

Your pain is real. Your feelings are valid.


Before we get started wading through the mucky waters that we call infertility, I want to share my story with you. I want you to know where I've been, what I've walked through and where I am at today so that you feel confident that I can help you.

Take a second and head over to iTunes and give my story a listen on the Give Grace Podcast. Once you're done, circle back here and we will keep moving forward.

let's walk through this storm together.

I want you to take my hand and


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We believe in heirlooms.

what makes us different

tell me if this is you.

You felt your heart sink to the floor this month when you saw yet another negative test.

You aren't sure where you fit because you haven't heard a doctor utter the words infertility yet,
but something isn't right. It's just not happening like it's supposed to and you feel defeated.

You're fighting like hell not to let the emotional roller coaster consume you, but right now
that roller coaster is #winning. Dang you, emotions.

You are not alone. You are not crazy. And it's perfectly ok to cry.

But sister, let's get you off the roller coaster. It does not deserve to have power over your heart.

There is joy to be found. Right here. Right now. In the waiting.

And I'm gonna help you find it.

You just can't deal with another person asking you when you're gonna have a baby.

Or if someone else makes another dumb comment, you just might go off.

You may feel like you and your spouse are a million miles apart and you don't know how to get on the same page.

You don't have the emotional energy to go to another baby shower, but you feel guilty for feeling that way.

Or maybe you wish you knew how to explain to your friend the bittersweet feelings in your heart when she tells you that she's pregnant.

Relationships are hard. Add in a struggle like infertility and things just get real complicated.

I'm here to help! I'm sharing some tips I learned about handling people with grace in the middle of infertility.

your biggest struggle right now is dealing with people.



One of the many things no one tells you about with infertility is that there are so many dad-gum decisions you have to make.

Like decisions no couple should have to make.

Where do you even start?

All the emotions. Relationships. The clinical side. How to take care of your body. The finances. Oh and the spiritual questions. All the spiritual questions.

Don't you just wish there was some guide that would tell you exactly what to do?

Ok, I don't have one of those, but I will share things that helped me most.

Grab my guide to gain confidence and clarity in the midst of infertility.


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