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May 22, 2019



About Scarlet & Gold

It started with an entrepreneurial spirit and a beautiful wood print I made for my sister in law’s wedding. I always had a love for beautifully designed, functional things and a desire to work for myself. I knew one day I would love to start a business but never knew when or what it would look like. In September of 2013, I launched our first website with a variety of wood and metal prints. I could not have imagined in just four short years what this business would have evolved into.

We started out in my house, packing and shipping the few orders as they came in. I would pack every order in a beautiful box, tie a gold ribbon around it and write a hand written thank you note. Over time, there are pieces of the original process I wanted to carry with me including beautiful packaging and a hand written note. Even as big as the business got, I am proud to say that for four years we included a hand written thank you note with every order. It was a constant reminder for me and my staff to be thankful for each and every customer because without them, we wouldn’t get to do this every day.

2015 was a big year for us. Like huge. We quadrupled our sales in a matter of a year, moved out of my house and into an office space, started a wholesale line, opened a retail store and hired a ton of new staff. What started out as a hobby, a very small business that was laid back and fun became an all consuming grind with a company handbook, corporate policies, dress codes and the never ending pressure to keep up. After four years of infertility and my approaching due date for my twins, I looked at my life and my business and decided this was not what I ever wanted it to be. The stress, the pressure, the strained relationships from hiring friends. It was all too much! I craved a slow, simple life where I could be present for my husband and my boys.

In the summer of 2017, I made a really hard decision to scale the business way back. We closed our retail store, laid off our staff, sold all of our product and decided to focus all of our energy on the ministry side. Our Give Grace campaign is what I am most passionate about. I want to provide resources for women going through hard things and help women find joy and community in the midst of life’s hardest seasons.

So that is where we are. It is just Koral and I. We are focused on our podcast, our Give Grace study and doing product collaborations and launches a few times a year. We are so thankful for the crazy ride it has been, the relationships we have formed, the experiences we have had, the lessons we have learned and the opportunity to step back from it all and focus on what really matters – our families and our ministry.




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