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May 22, 2019

The ultimate infertility resource

I was right where you are not that long ago. Frustrated. Tired. Not getting the answers that I wanted. Facing decisions that seemed impossible to make. I’m here to help you walk this road that none of us chose. Infertility just plain sucks and there are so many things couples face in the midst of it that seem so unfair. I created this resource to hold your hand through the process, remind you that you are not alone and equip you to confidently make some of the hardest decisions.


A complete guide to fundraising

Why do fundraising shirts have to be so ugly? I am here to help you change that. Fundraising can be overwhelming and so often people don’t even know where to start. This resource includes artwork files, step by step instructions for setting up your online shop to sell the products and a financial outline to help you meet your goal.




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