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Swaddle right. Swaddle tight.

April 7, 2018

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I am so excited to be partnering with a swaddle brand that I love because a good swaddle is so key for good sleep in those early days. And let’s be real, no one has time in the middle of the night for a complicated swaddle. I like easy and I like it to work. I wish I had known about the Ollie World swaddles when my boys were itty bitty. But, my sister in law has been my tester and has had great success with it! Isn’t my nephew just precious?? He is seriously all the baby goals!

Here’s what makes it so great: it’s easy and it’s safe. They key is to make sure it starts below the shoulders so that no excess fabric is around the neck. This eases any stress on shoulder joints and makes sure the fabric stays away from baby’s mouth and neck. It’s seriously as simple as 1, 2, 3. You can read their simple instructions here.

Through my many, many sleepless nights, I have become really passionate about helping other mamas get some sleep. SO, I am giving away TWO Ollie World swaddles ($60 value each).

To enter:

1. Like @megansmalley and @theollieworld on Instagram.

2. Enter your email address here.

Let’s get you mamas some more sleep! And all the sleepless mamas said AMEN!!!

You can shop your OLLIE WORLD SWADDLE here.

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