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Our Texas Tour

April 2, 2018

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We just got back this weekend from spending 2.5 weeks in Texas visiting my family! This goodbye was really hard. We were with my parents for almost a month with their trips to Auburn and our trip to Houston. We won’t see them again for at least another month, so there were lots of tears. Living 10 hours from family is hard. I have lived in Alabama since I moved to Auburn for college when I was 18. I love living here. The slow paced, small town, simple life is what I crave these days. But it’s like my heart is in two different places. Having the boys has made me realize just how much we miss out on with my family because we are so far away. I am thankful for a hubby that lets me pack the boys up and head to Texas for a few weeks at a time and is willing to spend his spring break in Houston with my family. 

Our time in Texas was a blast! We flew in to see Garth Brooks at the Houston Rodeo. I feel like a terrible wife because in 6 years of marriage and 8 years together, I have never taken Blake. The timing just hasn’t ever worked with his spring break. But we made it work this year because GARTH!!! He is my all time favorite and I have never seen him in concert. It was so worth it and such a fun night for us!

Then, Blake headed back to Auburn for another week of work and the boys and I packed up and headed north to see my sisters. My youngest sister, Becca, lives in Waco so we stopped there on the way to see my middle sister, Mallory, in Fort Worth. Mallory and Marshall moved to Fort Worth in September (which means all 4 siblings live in different cities) and I hadn’t been there yet. I wanted to see her new life there and of course see Ford. The boys haven’t seen each other since Christmas and they have all changed so much.

We stopped for another night in Waco on our way back to Houston and got to visit my sister at her cycle and barre studio and also visit her husband Clark at the Baylor IMG offices. It was so fun!!

Making this road trip by myself with the boys was exhausting but I am so thankful for the time we had with my sisters, even though it wasn’t long enough. We finally transitioned the boys out of their magic suits while we were in Forth Worth because they kept rolling over in it and it was becoming a huge problem. I don’t have video monitors for when we travel, so every time they cried I just assumed they had rolled in their suit. Then I would go in there to roll them back over, they would see me and the middle of the night disaster would begin. It was a rough few weeks as far as sleep goes, but I am thankful to have been in Texas for the transition because I had help and could nap during the days. 

Once we got back to Houston, Blake met us again and we spent the next week hanging with my parents, doing swim lessons with Aunt Liz, eating lots of Mexican food, hanging with Uncle Thomas, visiting Chief at work, taking family pictures with Chandler and soaking up every second we could with family. 

We had a blast of a two weeks, but we are thankful to be home and to be getting settled back into our routine. Overall the boys did great with all the different beds and cities. We definitely came back to Auburn with different babies. Stisher sprouted his first tooth and both boys are on the move. They are rolling like crazy and trying to get up on their knees. 

I will be back in my blogging routine and will be starting back my giveaways this week! It was a much needed break and I am coming home feeling refreshed, recharged and reenergized. 

Lots of love,


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