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What is Praise Baby?

February 22, 2018

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You know those moments when you feel like you are trying everything, but nothing seems to be working? Those are the desperate times when we turn on Praise Baby. I don’t know what it is about the colorful, somewhat odd slides and the soothing praise music, but it works like a charm just about every time. So what is it? I am sure you have heard of Baby Einstein. If not, you need to  check that out too (should be available on Youtube or Amazon). But both of these are basically a combination of visually appealing slides put to music. I like both. The boys like both. We sometimes turn on Baby Einstein on the ipad via Youtube during tummy time to make it a little more bearable for them. But I prefer Praise Baby because it is so sweet to fill their hearts with worship. I know they have no idea what the music is even saying, but it makes me feel a little bit better about turning on a video for them.

For all you moms out there that have husbands gone a lot, we use Praise Baby at night after I get them out of the bath. They still get really fussy during this time as I am getting them dressed and ready to eat. They are tired, hungry and cold. So I turn these videos on and it instantly calms the mood and keeps one of the boys content while I feed the other.

Twin moms…. you need these DVDs. I rarely have to feed the boys at the same time anymore and I use this one on one time when I am feeding to get my precious snuggles in. With two at once, it’s hard to get uninterrupted one on one time. So we use PraiseBaby sometimes during feeding time too.

You can order Praise Baby here. You won’t be disappointed! You can buy the DVDs individually, but I prefer the set so you can change it up every now and then.

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