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All the closet goals.

February 20, 2018

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I wish I could take credit for this closet, but all the credit goes to my parents. Let me just tell you about the time they came to Auburn to help us get the nursery ready. I was 7 months pregnant IN THE HEAT OF THE SUMMER and Blake had somehow gotten hand foot and mouth. Ya’ll…. it was terrible. He had sores all over his hands and feet and he was in so much pain. Seriously, don’t remind me. I had him quarantined to the back of the house so none of us would get it. This meant dad had to put everything together by himself. When I say he put about 50 things together in a week, that is no exaggeration. Everything was still in boxes when they came and they drove a bunch of stuff over from my Houston showers. 

My mom washed every single blanket, every outfit, every hat, every towel. Literally everything. I think she spent the first 3 days just doing laundry. And then she folded and organized it all by size. My mom is the queen of laundry and can fold better than anyone I have ever seen. I wish I could say their clothes still look this good. 

Because the boys’ closet isn’t very big, we wanted to maximize the space. We went round and round and round on the best way to do it. Then I found THESE DRAWERS. You seriously need these in every closet in your house. I now have them + these shelves in my closet and the laundry room. They are very easy to put together and to stack.

Here are all the links:


3 Tier Shelf

4 Tier Shelf


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